McKayla Maroney: love u guys

sooooo “this season” means no nationals?

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Aragonskaya Hota by Mikhail Glinka


So Kyla’s hoping to add a whip before her double arabian on floor this year, but said beam and bars are pretty much gonna be the same..

three weeks until results day and like a month until school and i still haven’t decided which school i’m going to in september


"There’s no way her body position wasn’t straight." - BBC Commentary

She was still in back handspring position for a full second after she left the table and then immediately bent in a 90 degree angle where she remained for the entirety of the vault.

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Anonymous wondered:
you met Claudia? How was she? Is she sweet?

yeah i met her at the british champs in april!! i saw her hanging around the arena during the junior session and no one was mobbing her like becky/hannah etc so i went over to her and she seemed so shocked i knew who she was and i said i liked her floor routine i think. she was really nice and we had a small conversation and then she signed my program thing. so overall she was really sweet and humble, as were all of the gymnasts there

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Claudia’s form on vault makes aliya looks like mckayla lmao

and the commentators were going on about how great it was lmao

remember when bbc didn’t suck

bbc are getting worse now the home gymnasts are in medal contention, when they didn’t have a chance they seemed so fair and now they’re getting so so biased towards them

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Claudia Fragapane is 4’7 and has won every Commonwealth event she has entered in, whaaat

I’m a foot taller than her. Literally

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